More Of The World’s Top Outdoor Hiking Attractions

You could travel the world your entire life and not visit all the great hiking locations. There are just too many to name, but you can get a list of the world’s top hiking attractions. In fact, I just got through writing about some of them. One of the attractions I mentioned was the Israel National Trail. While it got a mention, I didn’t go into detail. Consider that this outdoor hiking destination includes 20 trails.

Hiking / Trekking

Hiking / Trekking

Furthermore, Israel National Trail is approximately 620 miles in totality, which is quite an enormous trail compared to certain other hiking destinations. Would you like to see the Red Sea? Do you have about one and a half to two months to spend out there hiking in Israel? As you can imagine, this would be a hiker’s dream, the experience of a lifetime.

Zion Narrows might not be in Israel, but I’m taking you back to Utah. Utah has many great hiking attractions, and this one goes up to 2,000 feet deep. As you can see, some hiking trails take you up, and others, well, take you below sea level. The pictures of the scenery at Zion Narrows is gorgeous, and this is a hiking experience that you can have quickly as it’s only 16 miles long. That’s quite different from the 600 of Israel National Trail.

When you want to go hiking, do you think of the coastline? There are plenty of great coastal getaways with awesome hiking adventures, such as the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. This hiking destination will take you on many different types of journeys, and there is said to be something for everyone. The path is so long, 186 miles, which you can imagine there is plenty to see. What if I told you that you could visit 58 beaches?

I’ve always said that one of the most beautiful countries to me is Italy, and it would be the first foreign country I would choose to visit. Breathtaking pictures of Sentiero Azzurro are just about enough to make you want to pack right now. The specific location is Cinque Terre in Italy, and you’re talking about seeing all you would imagine seeing as you trek (trekking poles) through the country. Vineyards, the coast and plenty of Italian villages and more await you if you want to explore one of the best locations for outdoor hiking in Italy.

Are you searching for some snow? How about taking a trip to Switzerland or through France by taking your hiking to Haute Route? Since there is now on site, you have the privilege of skiing if you wish. While I have snowboarded before, and skiing is supposed to be easier, I think I’d rather take the path by foot. However, people of course report being able to make it faster when they are skiing.

Hiking : Trekking

You don’t hear much about Montana often as a state, do you? To be honest, the most I hear about it is during election season and when I’ve heard about celebrities living and vacationing there. It is quite an isolated state, and that means there is some natural scenic beauty for sure. That is one thing you hear about Montana, and one of the top spots for hiking there is the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

My niece and her husband, along with my sister and her partner, are planning a trip to South Africa this fall. My sister wants to go shark cage diving, but of course, there are some great hiking spots in South Africa, too. One of the best that makes the list of the top hiking spots in the world is North Drakensberg Traverse. This is one place where you can see one of the best waterfalls the world has to offer. If you’re wondering how long you’d have to plan to be in South Africa, it’s approximately a six-day journey.

One of the other top hiking destinations that intrigued me was California’s Half Dome. It could be what you aspire to do when you retire. Or, it could be your hiking portfolio, complete with pictures from all your vacations and travels. Hiking is fun and done this way; it can help you see the world.